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Daniel Hughes looks forward to middleweight supremacy being settled with a close look at the young Mexican.

You can only fight the people they put in front of you; true words when it comes to boxing fans views of fighter resumes, ducking, diving and slipping opponents comes in many forms.

The swerving of a dangerous opponent your team feel is best avoided has always gone on. It can be monetary reasons, stylistic ones and the fact that two fighters may be signed to rival promoters who refuse to work together. It’s boxing politics, but let’s not get into that as many of us have heard enough about politics let alone the boxing kind already in 2017.

I look at the top pound for pound fighters today and of course ‘triple G’ is high on everyone’s list. Mr Gennady Golovkin will no doubt go down in history as a great middleweight of his era, the best. The competition he has beaten so far however will not of course be regarded as a who’s who of top talent. It’s not his fault: Golovkin is a fine fighter with serious power and not a fight any middleweight in history worth their salt would take lightly.

Fighting in a deep era like for example when Marvin Hagler competed, the natural big fights were out there and they were made. Win or lose, you were tested and the public appreciated the fact. For Hagler, a 50 dollar pro debut ended with something in the region of 18 million dollars against Sugar Ray Leonard and the man deserved every cent.

Golovkin is now 35 and is fighting an opponent that will no doubt satisfy a lot of fight fans in Saul Alvarez, the younger man who has only suffered one defeat against Floyd Mayweather in a 51 fight career. Saul Alvarez is for me a natural middleweight who has been draining himself for years and who may well feel the benefit of fighting at 160 lb’s, especially coming into his peak years as a fighter at 26.

Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez is the Mexican who draws the crowds and the PPV bucks, the younger man and the underdog in this fight at last gives Gennady Golovkin a chance to really make big money and a platform to dampen the talk of being on the downward curve of his career. Alvarez and his team may be thinking along the lines of Sugar Ray Leonard all those years ago. He was deemed on a hiding to nothing against career middleweight king Marvin Hagler disputed decision or not many thought Leonard would be beaten and probably stopped, myself included and not just with my head ruling my heart as a Hagler fan.

Whisper it slowly,but Golovkin was taken to the wire last time out by Daniel Jacobs, a unanimous decision on the cards but with 115-112 twice and a 114-113 card he didn’t have it his own way. It was a relieved Golovkin who had his hand raised after the cards were read out.

I believe the pressure is on Golovkin big time against Canelo Alvarez; pressure to remain unbeaten and also to deliver a performance to cement his place in boxing by beating a ‘name’ fighter. Win, lose or draw, Alvarez will still be box office, the Mexican flag bearer and the guy with a fanatical following that promoters love. He really is he is box office, the numbers don’t lie in that regard.

Most pundits and bookies will favour Golovkin to win. It is a fight that I actually believe Alvarez can and will win via scorecard. The younger man who will be strong at the weight, without needing to drain himself. Golovkin is showing signs of slowing down and can and does get caught. Golovkin has heavy hands of course, but I believe can be out-boxed at times and Alvarez the underdog may just be able to do that. He will also be fighting in front of a partisan crowd who will no doubt be reminding the judges every time he lands anything on the Kazakhstan fighter.

I imagine for Golovkin and his team they realize the time to make the real big money is now and you can only think they thought one thing in that regard: yes, let’s make a fight that no-one can complain about, let’s get it straight it is a fight they have wanted for a couple of years and pushed for more than for Alvarez and his team. The longer it has been dragged out it has evened things up in my eyes. The fight that brings in the bucks is a fight I am looking forward to. Want to make money? You guessed it: better call Saul.