Daniel Hughes with a piece about general boxing opinions crossing over to football ones and a reference or two to The Smiths..

Boxing in the UK recently has been on the rise. Social media, blogs, forums and wider press coverage. Amen, long may it continue. It seems they tie it in to football also and for me that’s fine if the fighters profit. The casual football fan should also understand also.

All good, let’s keep the renaissance going. Boxing is a popular sport that so many knock but when the big fights come around for my experience everyone has a view.

Loads of ‘casuals’ are upset and even the hardcore should the fight be one sided. In a nightclub if they didn’t like the music, punters would hang the DJ no doubt should they not be entertained.

Well, it’s easy to complain and those same dissenters are easily swayed. They understand football more probably and want instant results. Frankly Mr Shankly how could any fan be happy in a haze of a drunken hour or result, without longevity. Liverpool fans stuck by a great manager when in modern times he would have been sacked.

Likewise Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. A headed Mark Robins goal in an FA Cup game kept him employed. Howard Kendall at Everton saw a break of the ball and a win at Oxford in the League Cup lead into a great few years for the ‘toffees’.

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Boxers like Johnny Nelson went 0-3 and went on to become a dominant cruiserweight champion.

Steve Robinson went from a 50 quid a week warehouse man at Debenhams to getting a last minute featherweight title shot and lifted the championship to change his life.

I’m glad they both had self belief.

I guess the football casuals who also dip their toes in watching boxing also give up sometimes.

Recent history spawned a monster in that regard with Froch vs Groves.

Boring fights? Boxing has had them; take the rough with the smooth. What difference does it make? Everyday is like Sunday: the day we all discuss the sporting day before and long may that continue.