Our veteran writer Mervyn Gee is an active member of his local ex-boxers association and has visited the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in Canastota. Here he shares some personal photographs taken with ex-boxers and fistic personalities..

The photograph below with Bert Sugar – boxing historian and former editor of The Ring and Boxing Illustrated – was taken in 2009, four years after Sugar was inducted in the International Boxing Hall of Fame and three years before he sadly passed away. The photo was taken outside “Grazianos”, a pub in Canastota run by Rocky Graziano’s uncle.

Bert Sugar with Mervyn in 2009

Also taken in 2009, the below Carlos Ortiz meeting was  at the reception held in Canastota. Ortiz was a fascinating guy to talk to and spoke at length about his career, especially his fights with Joe Brown and Ismael Laguna. He was of course world champion at junior welterweight and lightweight and finished with a record of 61-7-1.

Carlos Ortiz and Mervyn Gee

Carlos Ortiz vs Joe Brown video courtesy of Christophedes1

I also met former WBO super featherweight champ Barry Jones (below) at the 2016 Welsh ex-boxers annual event.

The photo with icon and one of the greatest Brits never to win a world title, Herol Graham, was also taken at the 2016 Welsh EBA. “Bomber” was selling his book, which I recommend as a great read.

The below photograph of former amateur star Fred Evans was taken at the Welsh ex-boxers event in 2012, weeks after he had won the medal. Unfortunately I believe he was a silly boy and I understand he has only just had his licence reinstated.

The below photo of me with the great Howard Winstone’s WBC world featherweight title belt was taken at Torquay’s annual event in 2014 and was brought along by Howard’s brother.

Former WBO featherweight champ Steve Robinson was photographed at the Welsh EBA in 2012 and was a great guy to talk with.

Finally, my great-grandson, Jaden and I “sparring” in MSG in 2015!